JUST: “Just” means “equal” or “even.” We believe in equal treatment under the law ad we believe that also entails equal economic opportunity to work and to realize our diverse desires.

“But what about people today who enjoy the benefits of past privilege? And what about those whose ancestors were robbed of their wealth and their freedom?” Yes, there’s been plenty of that. We oppose past privilege as well.

We support measures that would neutralize the benefits of past privilege and spread the wealth and power. We don’t support measures that would rob the producer of the fruits of his labor. (The two categories — proceeds of privilege, and profits of production — are easily distinguished, once you know what to look for, and this blog will continually point them out.)


LIBERTY means freedom to act. In a political context, it especially means freedom from arbitrary and oppressive government.

Also, of course, it includes freedom from private persons or groups imposing their will upon us with government-like force.

By definition, liberty includes the unrestricted freedom to defend oneself and one’s autonomy against aggression. It also includes the right of groups to pool their resources to protect the group. The latter (group) right to self-defense is only a derivative of the preexisting individual right to self-defense — which is why calls to disarm individual citizens and hand all arms to the government are inherently anti-liberal, backward, and, well, evil. (Yes, well-meaning people are often found mistakenly advancing evil agendas.) The right to self-defense, and others, are naturally inherent in man and are bestowed by the Creator. No government ever “gave” any right to any man.


1776: The momentous year the The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America was signed, proclaiming the rights of man for the first time in the modern era.

The ideas were not new, but the proclamation of them to the world by the entire league of thirteen sovereign nation-states at once was an astonishing, entirely unprecedented thing.


At this date — and for long afterward in some places — many people were defined out of the category of “men” and were otherwise denied inclusion in the declared rights. Yet it was because of 1776 that the omitted minorities even possessed the language in which to demand their rights. 1776 marks the first appearance in the modern era of the momentous ideas of innate, inalienable human rights on the world stage. It demands our attention and our remembrance.

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  • micke says:


    I saw your comment on another truther blog that you may be able to help out with a hard copy of operation mind control 1994. I have been searching for at a while since im a victim myself and we are trying to find all evidence worth using in the near future and the 1994 version may have some good stuff in it.

    I will wait for your reply 🙂

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