Who is Q, really?

August 4, 2018 § Leave a comment


You’ve been unwittingly caught up in a drama involving repressive “anti-terror”  legislation, a Senator’s murder, mob corruption, and ubiquitous government surveillance.

You’re trying to find and solicit the help of Brill, the good guy spy.

A guy intercepts you in the men’s room at the ferry station. He responds to the name Brill.

He even helpfully discovers and dismantles a tracking device hidden in your shoe.

Is he really Brill?

How would you know?


“Do you know how many federal agents you had following you on that ferry?”

“You have something they want.”

Watch from 1:06:00 to about 1:19:20 to get the scene.* Then, ask yourself some questions.



  • The quality and playback speed of this video are uneven — it’s a bootleg.







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