More on dividing and ruling

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Big-time globalist honcho Zbigniew Brzezinski, in his 1997 book, The Grand Chessboard – American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, lays out his three-step formula to “offset, co-opt, and/or control” the “geopolitical critical Eurasian states.” 

In a terminology that hearkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together…. Competition based on territory still dominates world affairs.

Do you think that just applies to Europe and Central Asia, or is it being applied amongst the “vassals” (provincial puppet rulers), “tributaries” (corporate cronies?) and “barbarians” right here at home?

Well, duh. Those are the first  people you conquer when you’re trying to enslave the world. And by the way, guess who the “barbarians” are.

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