I’m so glad they let us vote!

February 27, 2012 § 3 Comments



Baaa! Good day! How do you do? Welcome to the farm! My name is Shelly. Can you tell what I am?

Tee hee. That’s right! I’m a sheep! Tough question, isn’t it?

Baaa! Do you like this lovely green pasture where I make my home? Do you like my fluffy white wool? Do you like my stubby little tail?

See all the other sheep. We’re a herd. We are prettier than the cows, aren’t we? Cows are disgusting! And don’t even get me started on those goats.

Well, just so you know, I can’t talk for very long. I’ve got to get back to the herd. It’s just instinct, I guess. Baahahaha!

Before I go, I must share the good news! We sheep are allowed to vote now! That’s right. We can even vote for president! Can you believe it? Not only are we allowed to live in Farmer Brown’s beautiful pasture, and give him our wool, and then give him our little lambs too! (I do miss them so.) Now this! What an honor!

For whom shall I vote, you ask? Or rather, for whom shall we vote? Remember, we’re a herd! And little Shelly Sheep here is certainly not the leader of this herd. Do I look like an alpha ewe to you?

We little sheep follow our leaders! It’s easy. Just keep your head down, munch grass, and you know when it’s time to go somewhere — just follow the ass in front of you. That is, the sheep in front of you. You know what I mean!

If you must know, I suppose the leaders of our herd will tell us to vote for the most electable candidate — probably a mainstream centrist, one who won’t rock the boat, one who has the blessings of the party leadership and the Beltway media pundits! Certainly not anybody with extremist notions. And certainly not anybody who our leaders say cannot win. Our leaders wouldn’t lie to us!

Maybe we’ll vote for Farmer Brown? He’s a very nice man to let us live here in his pasture.

Little Shelly doesn’t know much about politics! Well, it’s a good thing I don’t have to think about it. Thinking is hard!

Well, I must go now. It’s dinner time for me and my lambs. Got to get them nice and fat — that’s the way Farmer Brown likes them! Hm, It’s hard deciding what to have for dinner every night, you know!  There’s my neighbor, Susie Ewe. Hello, Susie! What are ewe having for dinner?

Grass? Well, that sounds delightful. I think we’ll have some grass too!

Baaaaa! Good day!


§ 3 Responses to I’m so glad they let us vote!

  • Ezekiel Northampton says:

    Well Shelly, put your walnut sized brain around this. Our liberty isn’t a gift from somebody’s make believe sky father. Nor from the crooks and murderers in government. Our liberty comes from the human capacity to reason, to make choices and to act on them. When you vote you ratify the charade that we zeks actually have a choice. We don’t. You see, the powers that be select and fund the candidates. No matter who we vote for the ptb wins. And we lose. If I weren’t a vegetarian you’d make a lovely lamb shishkabob. I advocate panocracy, a form of anarchy in which competent adults vote by referendum on important issues. As in Switzerland. It cuts career political vermin and lobbyist vermin off at the knee. Freedom is for those who dare live it. Sheep get shorn. As millions of your human counterparts are. As William Wallace said, “It’s all for nothing if you aren’t free.”

    • JayLib says:

      HI Zeke,

      Sadly for us all, Shelly isn’t real She’a a figment of our imagination. And that’s too bad, since a lamb shiskabob sounds really tasty to me right now.

      I suppose we can all believe what we want to believe about the origin of rights, but as for myself, unless there’s a higher authority to appeal to, then it seems we really have no reason why anybody should listen to either our votes or our petitions.

      “Panocracy” sounds interesting , except I’d want to see where are the limits on what the pan-o-crats could do to me or take from me. Normally, that would be codified in a constitution, or if preferred, a contract, a la geoanarchism. But thanks for an interesting comment.

      Switzerland is quite interesting and it’s too bad we didn’t have that ancient system which they developed over centuries, in the relative isolation of the mountains as they have. I also suspect, however, that their relative freedom and neutrality are their end of the deal for keeping the elite’s bank accounts secret and hosting the BIS, the UN, etc.

      • northmpton@cox.net says:

        Hitler considered invading Switzerland. He could have prevailed … eventually. His gain would not have been worth his cost. But a SUV- ful of tactical nukes, 3 or 4, changes everything. “Fritz, you will do as we say or you can kiss Zurich, Geneva, Lugano and your favorite beer stube good=bye.”

        The problem with recourse to invisible higher authority is when the tyrant says, “this god you refer to … demonstrate her.” And you say, the bible says so, the pope says so, my parents said so … and three hours later you are left with “but, but, but two billion people believe it.” All of Christendom believed the sun revolved around the earth. His Holy Father even said so. How dare anyone question it? Problem was, it wasn’t true. If your liberty depends on proving the existence of an invisible deity you have nothing upon which to rest your claim. Human capacity to reason, to make choices and act on them any schoolchild can prove in 3 minutes. Liberty is the birthright of every human for that reason. What if the god of Slobovia says liberty is a myth but the god of Rainbow Bridge says liberty is allowed only on alternative Mondays? What if the tyrant says god gives him his divine right to steal from and murder all of us? Which god, whose god? But the human capacity is universal and readily demonstrated.

        The willingness to believe something that cannot be proven “well, faith is given or it isn’t” sets up a credulousness that easily transfers to worshipping the most dangerous superstition of all … government. When one willingly bows to one tyrant bowing to another presents no difficulty. One is already tempered to obedience. Why, tyrant’s sacred book and priesthood, all the schooling, all the media, say so. Who am I to question such omniscient authority?

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