How Ron Paul should defuse ‘gotcha’ questions about WWII

January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

PAUL, AND ALL interventionists, can count on having the WWII question thrown at them. “You don’t believe in foreign intervention? You mean you wouldn’t have sent Americans to fight in World War II?”

This question, with its false premises already baked in, is intended as a rhetorical atom bomb. Usually it’s evident the questioner is not talking about the war with Japan — which actually did attack us — but the conflict in Europe. And first and foremost they’re thinking of “the holocaust,” by which they mean a certain series of events involving Jewish people in Germany and German-held Poland. How could we not have intervened?

As a prelude, it’s essential to note that now is a good time for Americans to grow up and accept some bitter truths about history and present reality. It’s time to shake off the myths about “the good guys” fighting “the good war” (saying “good war” is sort of like saying “good cancer”), a war thrust upon an innocent, blameless America. It’s time to look with the cold eye of reality at the evil done in the name of good.

First, noninterventionists can point out what the falsely maligned America First movement had argued. America Firsters wanted to keep American boys out of yet another European meat-grinder of a war, on the likelihood that Stalin and Hitler would have destroyed each other without our intervention. However, Anglophile President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, like Anglophile Woodrow Wilson back in the previous European war, was determined to intervene on behalf of the British crown we had once rebelled against.

The outcome of this “good war” was that we defeated one genocidal regime, yet enlarged the empire of a regime that was in the final analysis
far deadlier — the Soviet Union under the heel of FDR’s buddy “Uncle Joe.” That’s morally superior?

Second, it was the Allies, not the Germans, who initiated the policy of total war, attacking civilian locations.

Under the manic-depressive Winston Churchill– a man who was described as loving the “game” of war — Allied forces committed their own literal holocausts of entire cities in the alleged “good cause” of fighting the Japs and Germans. Even former defense secretary Robert McNamara, who during WWII helped plan the firebombing of Tokyo — murdering 83,000 civilians and maiming 102,000 –admitted, “we were acting like war criminals.”

Do “good war” proponents believe that Anglo-American death camps were good, while German ones were evil? On what grounds, beyond mere nationalist chauvinism and long-ingrained propaganda?

Last, “good war” believers need to be aware of some other, equally sickening and infuriating facts. War was emphatically not thrust upon an innocent nation — at least, “our” government was far from innocent. Americans were led, and lied, into the war very deliberately, says the weight of historical evidence, going far beyond the fact that the great, sainted FDR deliberately ignored warnings about a coming Japanese attack; in fact, FDR may as well have sent the Japanese lovely embossed invitations to attack, before rolling out the red carpet for their navy and warplanes.

It’s national growing-up time for America, a time to shake off the cozy, comforting security blanket of childlike myths. It’s time to put on our big-boy pants and confront the face of evil that is the rulership of this empire we have long miscalled “our country.” It’s time to realize, as Lucy Parsons would have said: “You have no country” — unless and until you rise up and take it back from the cold, slimy grip of the devils who many of you still call “our leaders.”

The truth is harsh, but only to those in an attitude of denial. Ron Paul, and other people of truth involved in this campaign season, and Americans in general, need to pick up the sword of truth and inflict some damage on the kingdom of the lie.


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