Western ‘killer apps’ Niall Ferguson forgot to mention

December 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Niall Ferguson’s list of “killer apps” behind the West’s hegemony — which China has mastered, makes hegemony sound so, like omg! kewl! Like an iPhone. Like completely and totally tacky and tasteless.

To put a finer point on it, the glib globalist neglects the most obvious killer app the West has launched against civilization after civilization to clear the way: it’s called “genocide.”

Another app that works closely with that one is, “stealing people’s land.” (Perhaps that’s incorporated in his “private property” app?)

Oops. Not sounding so kewl now.

Genocide and its partner, land theft, are the original sins of all so-called civilizations, including, of course, the Anglo-American. Every war is about control of land — in the broad sense of land masses, valuable resources, strategic locations and corridors for roads, pipelines and oil tankers, airspace, airwaves, etc.

Sure, you can capture the people and enslave them, but it’s far better to just wipe them out, since your own country has plenty of politically-surplused humanity. Send them off to the conquered land, as free people, as indentured servants, as permanent garrisons….


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