Occupy earth? Sounds like a good idea.

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

NOW IF ONLY the choice places on the Earth were open to occupation. Perhaps then, millions would not have to crowd into slums?

Perhaps if more valuable locations on Earth were available, rather than neglected or hoarded for for the fun and profit of the 1% and a fortunate few friends, then living/working/playing space would be more plentiful and rents much cheaper.

If rents for businesses — from manufacturing to distribution to retail — were cheaper, then wouldn’t self-employment be a lot easier? And wouldn’t small businesses, who are the real job creators, be able to hire more people at higher wages?

If housing rents were cheaper, wouldn’t that give people yet more disposable income and a higher living standard?

If access to the soil and raw materials from which everything is made (including our meals) were more widely distributed, wouldn’t opportunity further expand?

Is there a relatively simple mechanism by which we could open up more of the space and natural gifts of the earth for useful occupation on behalf of the 99% — rather than for hoarders, speculators, and “homeowners” who’ve been sold the illusion that a mortgaged home is a rock-solid “investment”?

Would making it cheaper to occupy the earth also remove a large source of the privilege flowing to (and our economy’s dependence on) the “lendlords” of Wall Street, who deal largely in mortgages and mortgage-backed securities — deals that monetize, “securitize” and trade in pieces of earth, and inflate its value through causing artificial scarcity? « Read the rest of this entry »

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