Black talk host: Ron Paul ‘the only brotha’ telling the truth about U.S. aggression

September 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

HERE’S PART OF a conversation I caught tonight between Salim Muwwakil of Chicago’s WVON-AM and a caller. They’re talking about the ethnic cleansing against black Africans being perpetrated by the U.S.-supported “rebels” whom the government and media are telling us are the champions of liberty and democracy. The caller mentions Ron Paul as the only presidential candidate so far to stand against these atrocities and U.S. military imperialism in general. Their conversation, in part, went as follows:

MUWWAKIL: [Ron Paul] has some flaws in other ways, but man, he’s strong on the way that we are wasting our treasure on these international adventures.

CALLER: Look, Salim. I defend my support of him only on the fact that I respect a man who can come out and talk about the bankers and the issues he’s talked about on national TV. I think he’s more of an Andrew Jackson type figure * , where he may not be perfect …To me the simple solution is, why don’t we just disband the Federal Reserve, or even be kind and say: “We’ll give you 24 hours – get all your stuff and get out of the country.”

MUWWAKIL: You sound like Rick Perry, brotha!

CALLER: That’s garbage. Rick Perry’s just talkin’ nonsense. You gotta get somebody who’s gonna execute this stuff. And it’s really gonna come down to the American people getting educated to execute it. And to go back to the politics of it, I’m tired of hearing about jobs when to me, if you would look at the money being spent … it reminds me of the time when he was talking about not being able to pay Social Security, damned if we do, damned if we don’t with the budget ceiling, okay? But at the same time he’s launching bombs in Libya at a million dollars a pop.You know, but you can’t pay Social Security. But nobody will say, “Wait a minute, man. You spendin’ all these hundreds of millions of dollars in Libya for nothin’, and now you’re gonna tell us you don’t have money to pay Social Security?”

MUWWAKIL: There you go, man. Like I said, Ron Paul is the only brotha sayin’ that. The only cat sayin’ that. I don’t see anybody else even making a powerful case, especially among the Democrats.  They won’t say it. They want a “humanitarian intervention,” that’s what they’re hung up on, man. **  And as the brotha pointed out, they killed nearly 400 people last night alone in in Sirte, and over 2,000 in the last two weeks.

CALLER: It’s painful. It’s painful, brotha.

MUWWAKIL: All right, brotha. Thank you, Malcolm. Appreciate the call.

* Ed: “Andrew Jackson”? This was the only unintelligent comment the caller made. Ron Paul’s displayed no sign of racism, let alone of advocating slavery or slaughtering Indians.

** To be fair, Democrat Dennis Kucinich in particular has spoken out against the illegality –  and the unaffordability – of U.S. imperialism. Kucinich has called Obama’s pursual of war on Libya “an impeachable offense.”  John Conyers (D-MI) and Michael Capuano (D-MA), alone, stood with Kucinich in his federal lawsuit against Obama and Defense Secretary Gates, aimed at stopping the illegal war.


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