Speaking Fourth

July 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Originally a post to our Facebook friends…

HEY PEOPLE. Hope everyone is taking a little time this Independence Day to actually remember what this thing’s all about. I don’t wave flags; nowadays those are likely to be made in China. Anyway, it’s not about worshiping symbols, it’s about honoring the substance. Do enjoy the BBQing and fireworks, and if you are of age, have an adult beverage or two. It wouldn’t hurt to also look at the Declaration of Independence, and ask yourself if your country is moving toward the ideals declared, or away from them.

If you’re really keeping up with the news, you’ll be able to play the amusing game “Spot the Ominous Parallels” between the offenses the colonists decried in the Declaration of 1776, and those we submit to today in 2011.
You may want to reflect how America became driven more by fear than by the desire for freedom. A friend of mine has a song that mentions the so-called War on Terror. In the middle section she sings:

And innocent people gotta suffer

For all this ungodly fear…

Fear is ungodly — not to mention all the things it leads people to do. « Read the rest of this entry »

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