Did you fall for Big Brother’s lies?

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

WE THE PEOPLE create government, or so the story goes. Ostensibly it exists to serve us, but the creature inevitably begins to behave as if it were the Creator — demanding of us our minds, our hearts, our souls, and our strength.

In its pathological mode the entity turns parasitic, then invasively malignant, engulfing all of society. It demands we identify ourselves with it; that we believe its interests are identical to our own, its life our lives, its thoughts our thoughts. It cries that to diminish its power is to diminish our own – though in fact the opposite is true.

It reacts to free thinkers and free actors as a pestilent threat to its being. It portrays itself as innocent victim of anarchists, extremists, haters, and terrorists. It sees freedom as a criminal conspiracy against itself. It attempts to inject this deranged paranoia and hatred into us, as a spider uses its venom to paralyze the prey it is about to consume.

Note: “the state” or “government” here means primarily national government, in particular the executive. We also include privileged “private” arms of government, such as the military-industrial-scientific complex; the central banking power and its kept economists; the government debt market; the too-big-to-exist banks getting bailed out left and right (and pretending to be unhappy about it); the multinational corporations; and the intelligentsia and media sycophants who derive their sense of meaning and status from proximity to power. It means centralized power and its cheerleaders, of whatever party. It is the power elite, the Superclass, the Plutonomy, the Statist Party.

Have they been busy lately. Barely had the bodies hit the ground after the Tuscon murder spree before Party propagandists were all over the media, greedily scavenging on the tragedy like a squealing, grunting pack of wild pigs at a carcass, assigning collective blame to opponents of corrupt big government;  libeling any and all who oppose the elites’ open-border, cheap-people policies.Authoritarians posing as liberals mobilized hatred against folks labeled “right-wing” who oppose total state power — just as a few years ago, authoritarians posing as conservatives mobilized hatred against folks labeled “left-wing” who opposed total state power.

Freedom of speech had already been under assault, but now has come under even heavier attack. Party agents tell us that heated rhetoric, caricatures on protest signs, or campaign ads featuring gun sights (an ancient cliché in politics) pulled the trigger of alleged murderer Jared Loughner — or at least, “loaded the gun.”

Long-discredited hate industry charlatans — propagandists and bodyguards for the power elite — once again creep out from their holes and become the speech police, telling us what political opinions are kosher or not. Alimentary canal exit orifices masquerading as intellectuals evacuate themselves upon America, blaming up to 33 percent of the population who call themselves Tea Party supporters for multiple murder.

Naturally, the enemies of freedom also take aim at the Second Amendment, the safeguard to all the others. Our inherent right to keep and carry arms for our own and others’ defense — one of the first rights any genocidal regime eliminates — is being blamed for a senseless killing by an alleged drugged-out occult-obsessed psychotic freak.

If you lean left, you may think this Statist Party two-minutes hate represents a score for “your team” against the other team. In reality, you, as much as anyone, are the target in this psywar.

As with OKC, as with the mass-school-shooting phenomenon, as with 9/11 and the train of terrorism scares since, we are all being trained to stop questioning power, to give up more freedom, to accept more government control of our lives, to accept the demeaning existence of prisoners in a 24/7 panopticon, constantly surveilled and processed via cameras and AI computers, herded about, barked at and humiliated by omnipresent police.

Unbeknownst to you, “multiple agencies within the Department of Homeland Security” had already deployed their abusive, absurdist “security” peep show to the streets of America via Mobile Screening Systems. Wave to that white van as you walk by; it may be looking at you and your child’s naked bodies. At Wal-Mart — apparently lead contender for Official Ration Distribution and Indoctrination Center — Big Sister appears on the telescreeninstructing you to “say something” if you “see something.” Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt lectures us about the dangers on the Internet. STOP THINK[ING] AND CONNECT [TO OUR PROPAGENDA]. The FBI is visiting bloggers who question the loving Big Brother agenda. A White House universal Internet ID proposal — introduced the day before the attack –along with the recently launched Israeli-U.S. cyberattack on Iran — also will prove convenient pretexts for locking down Internet freedom.

Equally under attack is the Congress, as an institution. Many of the newly elected are mavericks –like Gabrielle Giffords herself — and populists who have actually heard of and read the Constitution, and perhaps actually take seriously their oath to uphold it. For a while, it seemed the Tuscon massacre might induce a bunker mentality among the people’s representatives, like after the military-grade anthrax attack of 2001-02 (never properly investigated). If Congressmen retreat, either physically or rhetorically, it is a blow to republican government and a win for the already dangerously powerful, unaccountable executive and its ballooning secret police apparatus. If further attacks occur, will we hear calls to scale back the Congress’ powers — or abandon it altogether?

Congressmen are responding to an apparent madman’s murder spree by proposing bipartisan seating at the State of the Union address — an inane but harmless gesture. More dangerous is the meme that representatives need to “tone down the rhetoric.” Antiauthoritarian Congressmen must reject the absurd and fascistic premise that political speech caused the psychotic attack in Tuscon. Rather than toning down the rhetoric, serious champions of Constitutional freedom in the Congress — what few there are — need to turn it up tenfold. By staying meek and quiet, they marginalize themselves, the people, and the Constitution they swore to defend ‘against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”


BARACK OBAMA, AS THE Statist Party’s current figurehead, benefits from the attacks in several ways. After all, multiple strategists had said he needed a serious domestic terror event to help him restore lost credibility: see this former Clinton advisor’s statement last summer. Another Democratic operative last November wished for Oklahoma City-type event to help Obama “reconnect” with voters after the drubbing in the elections.

The OKC bombing, of course, also fortuitously occurred in the wake of a midterm defeat for a Democratic president. The grassroots-conservative Republican sweep of the Congress in 1994 had Bill Clinton and the bipartisan big-government globalist combine on the defensive. But Clinton was saved by the bomb, using it like Hitler used the Reichstag fire to savagely attack his opponents and restore popularity. The Obamites have followed the lesson well, using the tragedy to tar the Republicans and especially the Tea Party movement (which had been growing in popularity as of January 5, three days before the attack). To quote a man with intimate ties to terrorists, Rahm Emanuel: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

At the victims’ memorial, Obama got to play the quasi-pastoral “National Comforter” role assumed by presidents since FDR. Allowing surrogates in the “liberal” smear machine to handle the slime and slander, Obama emerges as the parental figure. He calls for unity and healing – by “putting aside differences” and chanting his 2012 campaign slogan: “In Unity We Thrive!” He looks presidential and exhorts Americans to bind together in followership. One People! One Nation! One Leader! Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer!

The tragedy helps Obama — the illegal-spying-/trial-free-detention-/torture- and secret-assassinationapproving George W. Bush sequel, whose fans now include Dick Cheney — deflect increasingly vocal criticism from his base. Roger Hodge, author of The Mendacity of Hope: Barack Obama and the Betrayal of the American Liberal Class, accuses Obama of “duplicity” in his deft manipulation of the hopes and dreams of the left. (In fact, the nonsense labels “left” and “right” serve more to divide than to define. Liberty-loving elements on either side agree broadly on certain issues — especially concerning the centralization and use of power — which is why powermongers fear them equally; crises such as this serve the statist status quo by keeping these potential allies divided.)

The way the state acts in the wake of a terror attack is similar to the way it acts in time of war. The very founders of the States of America warned against entering into war — except in the case of actual attack — because of the vast unaccountable power and prestige that war inevitably strips from the people and hands to the national executive and associated interests. War gives narcissists and sociopaths in power an occasion to grandstand and pose as saviors. “Surprise” attacks serve to traumatize the people, reducing them to a childlike, thumb-sucking state of fear, ready to shed their rights for promised protection by a national Daddy. It conditions us to accept a standing army and a military-industrial complex that depends on war and fear of war for its survival and growth — something our last general-president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, spoke of as he exited office, fifty years ago this month. Our first president, former General Washington, warned us that a permanent military is among the gravest dangers to liberty.

Most Americans who think war is glorious have never served in one. Nor is it likely they’ve ever studied the words of Washington — or indeed, any of the key Framers. We have been led to believe their thoughts are relics from the dusty past, obsolete fears that don’t apply to our supposedly advanced times. We know no history, so we think human nature has advanced in the last 230 years. With our state-run schools and all-but state-run media, it’s no wonder so many of us believe WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.


WHEN SOLVING A CRIME, you examine a number of things, especially the modus operandi. You ask who would have a motive to commit the crime. Who benefits?

In addition to motive, one logically should ask who had the means and the opportunity to commit or assist in a crime.

If a woman married to a known violent, abusive drunk suddenly disappears, the husband probably will become a prime suspect. Let’s say the husband also is known to be skilled with weapons, and has no plausible alibi. He not only has a motive; he also possesses the means and the opportunity to have made his wife disappear.

The truth is that this beast called the state is far worse than an abusive drunk.

The truth is, the state is by far the largest machine of death, destruction and oppression — intentional or “unintentional” — known to mankind.

The truth is, the state feeds on fear, crisis and chaos.

The truth is the state has the ultimate means and opportunity (immense power, unlimited funds, well-trained and disciplined personnel, ability to conceal its hand, undreamed-of technologies, tremendous strategic, tactical and technical expertise) to commit, encourage or enable assassinations and terrorist attacks to goad the people into delivering themselves into a virtual prison.

With a few minutes’ thought, any intelligent adult can see through the state’s picture of international “terrorists” who are tactical and technical geniuses with Houdini-like abilities, yet strategic retards who can’t see that random attacks on civilians will only invite the State to crush them.

Any rational adult, too, should see through “lone nut” assassins who conveniently turn themselves in, make no effort to elude capture, or even helpfully commit suicide, taking everything they know to the grave with them.

The case doesn’t close once the lone nut is dead or behind bars. The prosecution then proceeds against the real intended targets: you and me.

If one lone nut can inflict such carnage, then all 308 million individuals in America become potentially dangerous lone nuts unless absorbed into the collective and constantly monitored. Thinking and acting for yourself, being by yourself, being different, is a sign you’re plotting evil. By extension, any ideology or group advocating individualism or freedom from control and monitoring is dangerous as well. They must be demonized, neutralized, or eliminated.

In the wake of the wave of “lone nut” political assassinations of the ’60s, a national gun control act was passed based on the Nazi Weapons Law. Because of a few lone nuts, everybody’s rights had to be restricted. The modern-day proponents of Nazi jurisprudence continue to shriek non sequiturs about why Tuscon proves we must further disarm the law-abiding to stop crimes by the lawless. The frightened useful idiots who believe these neo-Nazis are unaware that “all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so” — Adolf Hitler said in one of his always-well-attended “Table-Talks at the Fuhrer’s Headquarters.”

The people who believe this propaganda have foolishly joined a war against themselves. However, those who read history, who are in tune with the wisdom of the founders, with the real spirit of America, and with the observed behavior of tyrannical regimes filling the blood-soaked pages of history, see through the smokescreen. They realize the state, having the overwhelming means, motive, and opportunity to stir terror, assassinations, war, everyday crime — or indeed, any sort of chaos it can get away with –deserves the presumption of guilt first, foremost, and always.


LET’S GET INTO real evidence. It is important to know that the state actively plots and commits false-flag attacks against its own subjects. See: Operation Northwoods, a plan advanced by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 to stage hijackings and terror attacks against Americans to justify invading Cuba (again!). Cooler heads prevented the plan from going forward. It’s a good thing we had a president who was sane and who seemed to have been actually in charge — at least, until he got the side of his head blown off.

We must consider how many recent acts of terror might be one hundred percent synthetic — created out of whole cloth by state military and security operatives.

If accused gunman Jared Loughner was inspired by anything he learned on the Internet, perhaps it was by reading descriptions of Operation Gladio — a covert terror and assassination campaign by U.S.-controlled NATO forces in Europe, founded ostensibly to save Europe from the Red menace.

OKC patsy Timothy McVeigh, who never got a real trial, claimed after his arrest that he’d been working as a military intelligence operative assigned to infiltrate right-wing groups. He claimed the government had set him up.

Many experts, such as former German defense minister Andreas von Buelow have observed that state military and intelligence services were the only force in existence capable of pulling off such a stunning series of attacks as 9/11.

But clearly, Jared Lee Loughner, not some military operative, shot those people (so it appears). How could the government have enabled this?

The state need not commit the act directly; it might merely assist passively, promoting the use of “therapeutic” drugs known to cause psychosis and violence in some individuals. When the inevitable violent outbreaks occur, the statists will be ready to leap into action, exploiting the fear and emotion that result.

A more active kind of participation might take the guise of a sting operation. The FBI supplies a fake bomb to a Somali-born teenager in Oregon and encourages him to use it. The kid is then busted for “plotting terror.” The narrative of terrorists everywhere, and the secret police as our saviors, is reinforced.

Or the sting operation could “fail.” Once it got out that the Federal Bureau of Investigation actually orchestrated the 1993 World Trade Center bombing — right down to providing the bomb — the government explained it as just a big ol’ bungle.

The sheer amount of alleged ineptitude among our security forces is hard to believe. Far more credible is that the FBI “failure” is actually corruption — totally in keeping with a political secret police operation founded by a closeted homosexual control freak who smeared political dissidents, protected organized crime for decades, and set up sex traps to blackmail other officials and movement leaders.

Government has even more sinister ways to manipulate apparent private citizens to kill, which we may cover in a future post. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, wake up and realize that a war is on, and you are in the crosshairs. Refuse to be a soft target any longer. Arm yourselves, mentally and otherwise, while you still have something left to defend.


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