Facts that don’t fit “liberal” smear machine’s propaganda

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

SOME IRONIES, or non-ironies, in the rush to exploit the Tuscon shooting for propaganda value:

* The presumed target, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, is a former Republican and a relatively conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat.

* She is a gun owner.

* She has opposed the mad open-border policy which allows uncontrolled unknown persons and Mexico’s narco-war to spill over into the U.S. unimpeded and has criticized the president’s petulant refusal to fulfill his most basic Constitutional duty.

* She has called for real bipartisan efforts to cut the size of government — including the tiny but symbolically significant step of cutting Congressional pay and staffs.

* She has supported the Truth in Spending Act, “a contract with the American people that will force Congress to live within budgetary estimates for legislation.” Her Congressional website says “the federal debt is the single biggest threat to our economy and national security.”

Let’s look at Federal District Judge John Roll – the official who was actually killed, and whom the media are doing their best to forget in what is now universally labeled the “Giffords shooting.”* Roll was actually a stalwart Constitutionalist — one who in recent rulings has cited the usually-ignored Tenth Amendment.

* He had received death threats after his ruling against Mexican illegal immigrants who sued an Arizona rancher for alleged “civil rights violations.”

* He certainly constituted an obstacle to the Statist Party, and the Obama administration in particular. You might want to hear the judge’s close friend Richard Mack, a former county sheriff from Arizona, speak to Alex Jones on Tuesday, Jan. 11.

* Little reported is the fact that Roll had intended to consult with Giffords about the urgent need for border security to help ease the overburdened federal court caseload.

Neither the city of Tuscon nor Pima County Sheriff Dupenik — who has been a key agent in the move to blame this mass murder on Tea Partiers and the Constitution — had bothered to provided security for the event at which the shooting occurred. This despite the fact that this was a planned event by a Congresswoman, outspoken on the issue of border control, in a city only one hour from the border, in an atmosphere where Mexican cartels have shot at and threatened the lives of multiple U.S. and Arizona officials.

If we were to use this evidence the way the “liberal” smear machine attempted to stitch together half-truth, innuendo and fabrication to attack opponents, these facts alone could paint Congressman Giffords and Judge Roll as Tea Party sympathizers — and their Communist Manifesto-owning, cross-dressing alleged attacker, Loughner, as an Obama Administration-influenced leftist nut wishing to take out officials who opposed total state control of our lives.

Obama spoke of “punishing enemies,” meaning political oppoents. Giffords in fact broke with the administration on some major issues, making her an enemy. Roll would have been that much more an enemy. Loughner, therefore, was punishing Obama enemies — doing the administration’s bidding.

See how easy that is?

Irony aside, it should be obvious that insanity is not a political persuasion. This murderous outburst was not a political statement. The nonsensical meandering word-salads on display in accused killer Jared Loughner’s various Internet postings don’t constitute anything approaching a worldview, an ideology, or an argument. They portray a person too mentally disturbed to have even been capable of absorbing or making a political argument. Rather, Loughner’s reported words and actions display troubling signs that the “lone nut” may have been the tool in a much larger scheme. If so, this would not have been the first time. That topic will have to wait for another day.


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