Attempt to demonize guns backfires

January 12, 2011 § 1 Comment


THE ANTI-GUN RIGHTS LOBBY has been making hay, as always, out of a rare act of violence by a deranged individual.

MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell, an avowed socialist who “live[s] to the extreme left,” blames the Tuscon mass murder on Congressional Republicans who did not renew the so-called assault weapons ban in 2004. O’Donnell invited fellow gun-grabber Senator Barbara Boxer of California to screech about how guns cause murder. (Really? Ever tried asking a cop about that?)

Could be my imagination, but I thought I detected just a hint of deflation in O’Donnell’s demeanor. Perhaps this had to do with the guest who’d just appeared previous to Boxer: Gloria Waddill, a neighbor of Jared Loughner.

Waddill, a sober-sounding Latino woman, recounted (transcript) that she’d sometimes come home at night to find Loughner standing in her driveway near her pickup truck, looking spaced-out. O’Donnell asked her whether she felt scared at these times.

“No I wasn’t scared of him,” Waddill replied, “because normally, I’m already armed when I come home.”

Of course, as a professional ideologue and propagandist, O’Donnell smoothly moved on, not stopping to entertain the glaring irony in his attempt to demonize the very thing that provided Waddill peace of mind and a feeling of safety. Nor does O’Donnell bother to ask how many violent crimes haven’t occurred in Arizona because it’s one of the most well-armed States in the country.


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