Sex workers’ bodies are “their only resource”

January 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

FORMER CALL GIRL and prostitute-rights activist Tracy Quan appeared on “Freedom Watch” with the great Judge Andrew Napolitano to defend the idea of legalizing prostitution in the other 49 States. (Nevada allows and sensibly regulates the business.)

I do believe there are sensible reasons for this: not because I have, or would, patronize the services of a lady of the night, but because their business is a private act between consenting adults who want what they want, and who at the end of the day, will figure out a way to get it. Most people, our authorities included, have their plates quite full regulating their own private (and public) morality. What gives us the idea we can, or should attempt to, control others’?

As in prohibition of every other “vice” (outlawed victimless act) that people wish to engage in – such as drinking, gambling, and using street drugs – anti-prostitution laws do not eliminate prostitution but only build up around it an underground society of crime, dysfunction and disease more pernicious than the prohibited act itself.

As an aside, Quan mentioned a fact that’s obvious yet doesn’t cross the minds of most folks when thinking of these issues: that is, to many women in the sex business, their bodies are “their only resource.” Many in the trade are “proud to have an independent livelihood and are proud to stay off welfare.” If this is so, shouldn’t conservatives and moralists feel more alarmed that our system that makes some women (many of them already being single mothers, I’d guess) feel they must choose between taking welfare, and selling their wares? Shouldn’t we focus our attention on offering women – and men – expanded opportunity so few would feel forced into sex work in the first place?

Another aside: Quan pointed out “progressives” and moralists originated the current laws against prostitution. This would come as a surprise to neo-progressives of today, who suppose that progressivism is about freedom, or something like that. (Also, the confused folks who think “progressive” means opposing imperialist wars and excessive presidential power, also would be chagrined by the historical fact that their movement got the whole imperialism and unitary-executive ball rolling. But the real origins and swift degeneration of the progressive movement is a topic for another day.)

Aside #3: Judge points out men take women out to dinner, with the expectation of receiving sex, all the time — the socially sanctioned, soft form of prostitution.

Personally, I think that’s a sucker’s game. What kind of skills do you have, guys, if you have to rely on bribery to get what you want?


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