America Under Assault: Don’t touch our junk, bro

November 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

WELCOME TO THE new America, where everyone is a criminal and where sexual assault by police is being redefined as an essential “security” procedure.  

Thanks to “Don’t Touch My Junk” man (see his blog) for not being a sheep and setting an example for others who  would like to be Americans again.  “What they’re doing here would be illegal if they weren’t the government,” he said during the now-infamous confontation with TSA. But that’s the case with most things government does.  

I have an idea: Since we are all criminals, why don’t we all just go directly to jail? This will give us all the security we want. Universal prison labor would render us extremely competitive against China. And, our prison guards could continue the sexual assaults at their whim.

On Fox News on Wednesday, TSA chief John Pistole said that people who refuse to be intrusively felt up may be “possible terrorists probing the system” and can be arrested and fined $10,000 at TSA “discretion.” Although Pistole graciously chose not to fine the “don’t touch my junk” guy, he asserts he had the right  to do so.

Host Shepard Smith lit into Pistole with aggressiveness I never saw Fox employ against members of the Bush administration.   Good on Fox News for becoming watchdogs for civil liberties all of a sudden.  While we wish conservatives were more consistent, we will accept their tardy outrage over the pornscans and feel-ups. (You’d think the Christian Right would be crusading against this?) It’s never too late to return to sanity.


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